Happiness is . . . Al Amoor

Or to be precise Feteer. Feteer is an Egyptian flaky pastry pie which can be sweet or savoury. If you’re a purist you have it plain and dip it in molasses or honey, if you’re a savage like me you cover it in chocolate and pray those jeans will fit again.

The first time I had Feteer I was shocked I had never come across it before, my husband is Egyptian so surely this would be the first thing he would introduce me to? Ha! Apparently not, in fact he was hiding it from me. For shame! So just to get him back I always have a double helping to compensate . . . not because I love it or anything, no . . . not at all.

I couldn’t believe my luck when a classic Feteer place opened up from me – Al Amoor. It was amour at first sight when I spotted the pastry chef throw the paper thin dough into the air with the ease of a well seasoned chef. He didn’t smile once, clearly he takes his craft seriously. I particularly loved the House Rules – no complaining, no whining, no special orders – sounds like my home/kitchen rules.

He rolled the dough paper thin, getting into the corners with his big, spade like chef’s hands (you know the ones I mean, the ones that perfect pastry and you envy all your life especially when your pastry crumbles to nothing).

Pastry hands – eugh the envy!

I almost felt he’d go in with his bare hands into the glorious clay oven (another thing of envy), but he was wiser than that. The finished product popped out piping hot and ready to be slathered in chocolate. I didn’t dare take a picture of this for fear of judgement of the sheer generosity of the topping. For a split second I wondered if I should stop him, that second came and went. I wouldn’t dare disturb a master at his art. Not to mention you can never get enough chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, I summoned up the courage to take a sneaky picture.

Shhhhhhh . . . please don’t tell my husband, I don’t want to share!