Happiness is . . . unassuming spots that delight!

My grandfather came to the UK from India in the 1950s on a works voucher and was a very particular man. I remember seeing black and white photos of him smartly dressed as a mod. He always carried a large black umbrella with him (a precaution probably taken due to the unpredictability of the good ol’ British weather!). He was a very particular man, we’d heard stories from my mum about when he’d throw away entire plates of food my grandmother had painstakingly made if there was even a hint of it being over-salted. Despite his sternness, there was a side to him that showed how much he cared – he always bought me the best ice creams, he knew food.

Often my grandfather would state how the best food is always served in the most modest spots. I’m talking plastic chairs, old, beat up (mostly incorrect) menus and no frills decor. Why? You might ask . . . well the food speaks for itself. What simply keeps people coming back for more is the amazingly delicious food.

So when my husband ushered me into Breakfast to Breakfast one fine day, I remembered my grandfather’s words. BtoB is unassuming, it isn’t glamorous like many spots in Dubai but boy is it busy. The sign outside captured my heart – Happy Food. Yes it’s food that makes you happy – nothing more nothing less. What more could one ask for?

The moment I walked into Breakfast to Breakfast I was greeted by that mouthwatering aroma of bread, followed closely by a big , warm smile and a generous offer to sample some of the freshly baked goodies (there’s the typical Arab generosity that I’ve come to know and love in the Middle East). How could I resist? There’s something about the smell of freshly baked bread that makes me ravenous regardless whether I ate five minutes ago.

I sampled the doughy goodness and knew straight away I was going to keep coming back to Breakfast to Breakfast (BtoB).

Now I have a confession to make, I have an unhealthy obsession with Akawi cheese. I mean I drool over the melty goodness, I dream about the stuff, I drool over it, I may even think about it almost every waking minute. It’s the salty, gooey lusciousness that I can’t resist. So whenever possible I like to sample it – anywhere, anytime. I scanned the menu and there it was – Akawi Mana’eesh. I took some fatayer home for the kids and decided that I would some falafel for good measure, I mean why not?

I was not disappointed. I think BtoB has one of my favourite Akawi Mana’eesh’ – the slightly sweet bread is the perfect complement to the gorgeous, gooey salty cheese. What could be simpler than bread and cheese? But the flavour is second to none. I think I’m a happy peasant at heart.

Happy Food!