Happiness is . . . Mum’s cooking

Undoubtedly there is nothing like the comfort of home cooking, especially when it’s mum’s. Whenever I visit my hero mum, the moment I step in the door, wonderful aromas fill my nose and transport me back to my childhood meals. Food is mum’s way of expressing love and love=happiness. So even to this day, whenever I’m visiting, mum asks me what I’d like to eat. My happy meter registers off the charts as I choose a long, sought-after meal, which I don’t have the heart to prepare at home. I’m filled with the love and longing for that childhood meal.

We had an eclectic mix of food growing up from egg mash and beans to spicy seabass. It was all deliciously delectable and to this day I’m thankful for the way mum ensured I ate a healthy variety of food. I know this was a long term investment in my health and of course without health there is little room for happiness.

In mum’s honour I thought I’d share her dynamite sauce recipe that is so versatile it goes with everything – fancy some spicy, sticky chicken wings? Pop some of mum’s dynamite sauce on it. Fancy a sticky dip to go with your samosas? Go ahead and get stuck into mum’s dynamite sauce….Now be warned mum doesn’t measure anything so you’ll have to do a little experimenting to make this work to your taste but I think that’s the fun of it!

  • A touch of chili powder
  • A touch of coriander and cumin mixed
  • A touch of paprika
  • 3/4 of a bottle of ketchup
  • A squeeze of date syrup (if you struggle to find this you can soak some dates in some warm water and whizz it up)
  • A generous squeeze of honey
  • 1 whizzed roasted red pepper
  • Chili flakes
  • A dash of sesame seeds
  • A little water to loosen it up

Mix all ingredients together and pour into an empty squeezy bottle and enjoy!