Happiness is . . . Learning something new

One of the most satisfying things to do is to learn a new skill. It’s proven to build confidence, a sense of accomplishment, positively impact self-esteem and improve your health. That’s to name but a few!

Most recently I learned to code in Python and I decided to run a holiday workshop for some of the children I tutor to share some of that knowledge. To kick off the class I showed them this fun video in order to inspire them. There are speakers like Bill Gates, Will.i.am and Mark Zuckerberg talking about how fulfilling coding is. The video was created for Code.Org and highlights the need for us all to be literate in the new international language – coding.

Time and again, I continue to be shocked at some of the statistics for women in tech including; only 11% of women are executives in Silicon Valley, only 9% of women are editors of Wikipedia. These are disturbing figures of gender bias and the need to redress this balance is ever more urgent with the pace at which technology is moving.

So why not learn something new? It doesn’t have to be big – it could be a new word – rambunctious meaning noisy and causing uproar. You never know where it may lead, perhaps a happier more self-confident you.