Happiness is . . . Riddles!

I am the water of life but seeing too much of me is never good. I am what binds families together.

What am I?

I can’t resist a brain teaser or two, I’ll be posting one daily so be sure to check in and see the latest. I use riddles in my tutoring classes to keep them fun and encourage reasoning abilities. I’m always looking for ways to keep learning engaging and this is a quick and successful way to do so. The children love the riddles and I see why.

There are two types of riddles: Enigma (a metaphorical puzzle) and Conundrum (a pun), personally I’m an Engima fan I find them more entertaining. I recently found out they’re also a memory enhancer and release dopamine when you answer correctly, this makes sense as to why they’re so addictive!

All cultures enjoy a multitude of riddles hence riddles are called a universal art. It’s a great way to connect with your children at the dinner table too. I think for me it appeals to the sense of play that bring happiness. Oh and the answer to the riddle above . . ? Blood