Happiness is . . . Bread!

Who can resist the aroma of freshly baked bread? That’s the first thing that hits you when you enter Bertin. The open kitchens are always on the go with various forms of bread: sticks of baguettes; freshly baked, turtle loaves; paper thin, topped flammekuchen and mini, seeded loaves for every table. I don’t know about you but I find bread irresistible, there’s something about the pockets of air and melt-in-your-mouth dough that is so more-ish.

Flammekeuche (I’m not going to lie, I had to check how to spell that)

The bread is just one delight at this bistro. The fluffy pancakes are some of the best I’ve had in Dubai. The shakshouka comes with pillows of Arabic bread that would make any baby cheek jealous.

Breakfast Bliss

The breakfast is complemented with service that rises to the occasion as well as the croissants. There’s a particular warmth from the waitresses that makes you feel at home and reflects the warm bread that’s set on your table with a deep yellow butter for kicks.

The light airy feel of Bertin Bistro reflects the bread ever so well and, just like that heavenly manna, they’ll have you coming back for more, time and again.

I had to finish this post with the crowning glory of Bertin’s – the epic Pain Perdue. It’s their signature dish and not to be missed. It takes roughly 20 minutes to prepare but I assure you it’s worth the wait. The golden topped crust with the gooey centre is utter perfection when paired with the deep caramel sauce and delicate sprinkle of rock salt.