Happiness is ….tutoring.

By trade I’m an English tutor, Coding tutor and Freelance Writer.  English has always been my passion but I chose to go down the Computer Science route for my degree. This may sound a strange pairing but at the time I was in dire need to support my mum (aka my first heroine) and support myself.  I worried the arts wouldn’t get me there, unexpectedly, they did eventually.  I couldn’t touch on happiness without talking about the amazing children I tutor.  They’re crazy, funny, they’re insightful and to speak to them is to open up a whole universe of possibility.  Confusingly, I often call them “my kids” but I feel they’re my responsibility, their advancement rests on my shoulders and I take that very seriously.  I’m not talking just academics, of course this being the priority, but also inferring the sensitivities in texts and opening up those unformed minds.

I often fall into the trap of wanting my children to have the best possible education, ranting and raving about how something or other isn’t good enough.  But I’m not an ivy leaguer, neither is my husband but we turned out pretty ok.  More than ok. 
(see this amazingly insightful Ted Talk by Julie Lythcott for some perspective).  We have an incredible amount to be grateful for   My husband recently reminded me of this when he told me his class consisted of 70 children and 1 teacher.  I almost fell off the sofa when he uttered those words.  It brought everything my children and I have into technicolor focus.  He’d filled my pocket of happiness in a single sentence.  My second hero.