Happiness is…helping others. 

It’s a fact.  Philanthropy lowers blood pressure, gives us a sense of purpose, models great behaviour and helps us live longer.   Living in Dubai I feel there’s a need to put a spotlight on charitable work.  I need my daughter to know what a privilege it is to live here and how privilege also gives her the power to help others. 

Most recently we went to a Ramadan event organised by du, to help box up food for labourers.  It was amazingly well organised, we got our high vis vests to keep us all safe and hi ho it’s off to work we went.  My busy worked bee daughter got us the goods, I packed and the hero husband (who was fasting) did the heavy lifting (I was pregnant at the time, hey that was my excuse!).  It was incredibly fulfilling, a huge lesson in humility and my happiness meter was off the charts when I saw everyone who’d come to help.